About xCelor

xCelor provides low-latency trading solutions that optimize trading performance, while reducing costs. The company’s offerings include market-proven, low-latency hardware, ultra-low-latency switching products and market feed handlers. Deployed in some of the world’s leading exchanges, xCelor’s technology takes a unique approach in addressing complex trading problems in today’s fast-paced markets.

Products & Services

xPort Family of Switches
xCelor’s Layer 1 network switches that includes the XPM variable mesh switch and the XPM3, which adds FPGA to support multiplexing back to the exchange.

Market Feed Handlers
xCelor’s Market Feed Handler (MFH) is a low-profile, PCIe card that delivers ultra-low latency to process market data from a myriad of exchanges.

Symbol Switch™
Launching soon. Click here to learn more.

News & Events

xCelor Unveils ‘Next-Gen’ Low-Latency Switch
Inside Market Data
October 18, 2016

xCelor launches DPI-embedded iXPM Symbol Switch
Automated Trader
October 18, 2016

xCelor Launches its DPI-embedded iXPM Symbol Switch™ at FIA 2016
The Trading Mesh
October 18, 2016