Market Feed Handlers

xCelor’s Market Feed Handler (MFH) is a low-profile, PCIe card that filters market data for trading symbols of interest. With the xCelor MFH, trading servers receive the data customers want to operate at maximum efficiency and determinism. Overall, it delivers the low latency and determinism needed to place orders as fast as possible. Benefits include:

  • Simplified Software: In book-building mode, the feed handler provides a normalized order book with a clean, simple interface. In incremental mode, you can receive normalized adds/modifies/cancels.
  • Multiple Markets: MFH supports all major stock markets, including the CME.
  • Optimized Hardware: Easily configurable, portable and self-sufficient, it manages all of your subscriptions – filtering your data and maintaining your order book.

For the full datasheet with specs, click here. For a quote, email