Products & Services


xCelor’s products help gain a competitive advantage in high-frequency trading by significantly improving trading performance and reducing costs.  The company’s expertise in hardware and software development, networking and trading has enabled the company to successfully develop:

  • xPort Family of Network Switches: Includes the XPM variable mesh switch and the XPM3, which adds an FPGA to support multiplexing back to the exchange and data capture with a highly accurate timestamp.
  • Market Feed Handlers (MFH): xCelor’s low-profile, PCIe card that delivers ultra-low latency to process market data from a myriad of exchanges. With the MFH, trading servers receive only the data you want to see enabling you to operate at maximum efficiency with maximum determinism — all needed to place orders as fast as possible.
  • Symbol Switch™: The first switch to offer low-latency, symbol-customized market data. Click here to learn more.


Services: FPGA Consulting

xCelor offers FPGA consulting services and customized products that provide access to the world’s leading liquidity venues and derivatives markets.

Our expertise in FPGA engineering is proven with multiple installations in complex, ultra-low latency environments where reliability is critical. If you need experienced FPGA staff able to produce efficient hardware solutions to complex problems, email us We’re always interested in solving challenges by building new solutions.