iXPM Symbol Switch™

As the industry’s first symbol switch, the iXPM Symbol Switch™ xCelor’s 32-port switch integrates deep packet inspection technology allowing users to design customized feeds, while providing ultra-low latency.  Features include:

  • Low-bandwidth, customized feeds
  • One switch connects to 32 trading servers
  • Rapid adoption (with zero integration development)
  • Reduced network complexity

Leveraging xCelor’s existing portfolio of Layer 1 switches including the XPM, XPM3 along with its market data feed handlers, the iXPM enables customers to customize each port’s protocol and format for their specific set of symbols into various multicast groups. Additionally, this ultra-low latency switch reduces bandwidth right at the source — providing the lowest latency and determinism throughout the trading network.

For the full datasheet with specs, click here. For a quote, email sales@xcelor.net.