xPort Family of Switches

The focus of HFT has turned to intelligence and xCelor has partnered with industry leaders to create smarter, low-latency trading solutions giving customers a competitive advantage.

xCelor’s xPort family of Layer 1 switches supports on-the-fly reconfiguration and custom mesh topologies for virtually any server configuration.  These include:

  1. The XPM Variable Mesh Switch with 48 ports can be used to create custom mesh topologies to support virtually any exchange and server configuration.
  2. XPM3 switch with 32 SFP/SFP+ ports adds FPGA processing to support multiplexing back to the exchange and data capture boasting a highly accurate timestamp with for optimum trading performance.

The xPort XPM3 adds FPGA offering unparalleled speed and flexibility.  Benefits include:

  • Port Multiplexing: Up to 32 ports provide direct access to the exchange with handoff within 80ns.
  • Time stamping: All data that passes through any port of the device can be time stamped with 12-18ns precision.
    • Timestamp Rebroadcast: Rebroadcast timestamped data in real time to replace the frame check sequence, or insert a 32-bit timestamp in front of the frame check sequence.
    • Packet Capture: Capture and store timestamped data on the device’s solid-state drives. You can capture data for 32 RX channels on the front and up to four multiplex ports. Configure capture rates go up to 20Gb per second.
  • Zero-cost Integration: Its internal PCIe slot enables users to add a market feed handler or other PCIe card with no software integration required.
 switch For the full xPort Family of Switches datasheet with specs, click here. For a quote, email sales@xcelor.net.
For the full XPM3 datasheet with specs, click here. For a quote, email sales@xcelor.net.  xcelor-switch